Nurturing the next generation

Our company goal

 At NUTRI, our story is one of a heartfelt commitment to nurturing the new generation of our society. It all began with a modest idea: what if we could revolutionize the way children eat during their most formative years?

NUTRI isn’t just about food; it’s about teaching a love for nutritious food that will last a lifetime. Every mealtime is an opportunity to inspire young minds and bodies.

What is our mission?

  • Our mission at NUTRI is to empower preschoolers with the foundation of a lifetime of healthy eating habits.
  • While also focusing on the parents peace of mind, sustainability and nutritional excellence.

Ask our front desk

Orders and Pricing

  • NUTRI accepts orders via the front desk at the branch or the Whatsapp number provided:
  • Number - 9500 0285
  • Instagram –
  • Daily = 3KD
  • Weekly = 10KD
  • Monthly = Contact us.
Box Inclusions
  • 1 Sandwich
  • 1 Snack + 1 Mini snack
  • 1 Fruit
  • 1 Juice