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  • Play
  • Education
  • Fun
  • Joy
  • Experiment
  • Motivation
  • Explore
  • Create

About Us

We here at J’s Preschool are proud to offer your child the best learning experience. With an American curriculum at the forefront, J’s aims to provide uniquely designed classrooms with advanced technology features for a fun-filled learning experience.
We are pleased to receive your children; they are as precious to us as they are to you.

Our preschool offers:
• American Curriculum for students between the ages of 1 and 5 years.
• High-tech campus surveillance system.
• Technology integrated learning environment.
• Qualified, well maintained, and professional staff.
• Safe & kid-friendly environment.
• Highest cleaning and hygiene standard in the industry.
• Assessing and monitoring the students’ development and progress.
• Theme oriented classrooms that foster creativity and imagination.
• A wide variety of facilities and activity classes to improve and support your child’s skills and enhance the learning experience. These include a gym, art room, cinema/ technology room, outdoor playground and dining hall.

Vision and Mission

Mission Statement

J’s Preschool develops the students’ creativity and provides a standards-based curriculum that encourages academic rigor for students aged 1 to 5 years.


To be the leading preschool in the region.

Core Values

We believe:
• In developing students’ creativity.
• In students’ social, emotional, physical, and academic welfare.
• In fostering transparent communication.
• In developing students’ virtues and values.

Strategic Plan Goal

To be a values-rich and creative learning community that uses various teaching approaches to be engaging and transparent with an ongoing evaluation process to empower our students and teachers.

J’s Preschool Launches ‘Generation Happy’ for its Students

in Collaboration with ‘Suluki Center


J’s Preschool, a subsidiary of Al Wazzan Education, is delighted to announce launching ‘Generation Happy,’ a program specializing in early intervention for children with learning difficulties, in collaboration with ‘Suluki Center,’ a leading and accredited entity within the field.

Commenting on the early intervention program launched by J’s Preschool, Ms. Lujan Al Wazzan, General Manager: “Our collaboration with Suluki reflects our belief in the importance of the psychological and mental health of the child as an essential part of the educational process.”

Ms. Al Wazzan clarified, saying:

“Generation Happy is a program that provides early intervention for children with learning difficulties, such as ADHD, and implements a detailed treatment plan for those children within the same environment in which they receive their education, the nursery,  without the need to go to an external specialist to avoid any possible confusion that may accompany this. The program also includes intensive training for nursery teachers and trains parents to deal with their children’s cases. The program’s main objective is to develop the educational process to include psychological and mental balance given that a happy child is a successful learner.”

Reem El Sabbagh, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) at Suluki Center, said:

“Pleased to collaborate with J’s to provide early intervention services for children with learning difficulties using scientifically proven Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), which we believe will make a positive impact and change in the performance of children with various types of behavioral disorders and thus their academic development.”

J’s Preschool provides an integrated educational experience for students at the beginning of their academic path through an accredited American curriculum that focuses on education through play and uniquely designed and attractive facilities that apply the highest and latest technological standards in an atmosphere of fun and joy.


Jobs at J’s

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